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SCWIB is proud to be partnering with Illawarra ITeC as our Venue sponsor

A focus on "Inspiring Insights" for women working in the building and construction industry is a highlight which hears the stories of those women who have worked their way at times through very difficult environments, can give an amazing insight to the challenges and successes accomplished throughout their careers.

Networking is also an important part of our forum and will give you the opportunity to raise any issues affecting your business or trade and gain information and knowledge from key industry providers.

Opportunities are available to do a presentation and have a static display, by hosting and/or partnering with these events, please contact us for further information. Static display sponsorship is also available.

SCWIB events are promoted independently, through local business groups, subscribers & industry groups.

An open forum on industry matters & gaining valuable knowledge, with business to business networking alongside women of all aspects of the building, construction and allied industries in your local area.

REGISTER your interest to attend an event, host,sponsor or present on our contacts page - or email OR CONTACT Maxine Wiseman on 0417 372 997

Previous Events:-

23rd February 2018 with Celine Healy

Women build strength and empowerment in 2018

Women’s participation in the workforce of building, construction and allied industries has been increasing over the years and you represent a very important portion of the whole framework, which women play in the industry.

What part do you represent? Running a business in the industry? Work as a tradeswomen or an apprentice? Maybe in project/site management, business development, design, engineering, safety, compliance, contracts, HR or “just do the books” as many women relate to their role as tradies wives, but we know that they are the backbone of the business and all these roles play an integral part in all of building & construction. Come along and meet like-minded women and build strength and empowerment in 2018!

With a brand new year ahead of us, South Coast Women in Building & Construction understands the varying work environments we share and work in. You are the most important part of your jobs and yet we tend to neglect our own wellbeing when it comes to STRESS! Yes Stress! This may be the reason you are feeling exhausted and out of control and it may be affecting you maximizing your true productivity!

We were pleased this year by finding a “Stress Resolution” now that sounds good! Through a great presentation by Celine Healy from Stress to Success who showed how we could  "take you from feeling stressed-out, exhausted and out of control, to feeling liberated, refreshed and composed. “

We were very pleased and excited to have Celine as our guest speaker to motivate you into seeking a “resolution to stress” to strengthen your inner self to be a confident, productive you!!

Understanding multiple brain integration techniques, kinesiology and kinergetics is what Celine, with her highly sort after and recognized unique approach, does best!

A very interactive presentation as well Maxine Wiseman discussing on workplace gender equality, safety and moving forward in a positive environment, for women to support each other and know not to accept any kind of unwanted treatment. Seek help when and where needed and not to be afraid to speak up about any verbal, physical or social mistreatment. 

Waco Kwikform sponsors our October 2017 event

We were pleased to welcome Victoria Kennedy Formwork and Scaffolding Sales Representative for Waco Kwikform as October's event sponsor, whose first job was as an apprentice painter and decorator with a sub- contractor specialising in industrial metal coatings working in the Steel Works and at numerous industrial sites throughout NSW. Victoria gave a terrific presentation on her early years as an apprentice to her successful business as a milliner in exclusive hat making for David Jones to her new role with Waco Kwikform with their new scaffolding equipment! A very diverse and engaging story by Victoria, SCWIB thanks Waco Kwikform for their support!

Plus Virginia Wren from Illawarra ITeC presented a talk on working with millenniums, to do something about understanding what makes them tick! With us having the second highest youth unemployment rate in the state, why are they not taking up apprenticeships? There was some very interactive discussion & feedback on how we can address this issue!

Maxine Wiseman has been involved in many supportive programs for women in building and construction, from facilitation to education and mentoring over the last 25 years! Also as a director of a design & build cottage company, working in industry associations and industry superannuation companies, a wealth of experience accumulated to share with you and to help support and encourage networking amongst your industry colleagues

REGISTER your interest to attend an event, sponsor or present on our contacts page -  or email

OR CONTACT Maxine Wiseman on 0417 372 997 

We are proud to be partnered & supported with Illawarra ITeC

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